FAQs regarding European Standards


Some manufacturers claim that the CE procedure to CE mark natural smoke and heat ventilators (NSHEVs) is quite simple and can be achieved by buying equipment’s which have been tested and to install them on “compatible frames”.

Is that right and how to check conformity?
  • In fact yes, it is possible for a manufacturer to use tests certificates obtained by another company in order to manufacture a NSHEV and to mark it with an own CE marking in accordance with EN 12101-2.

  • The procedure to use is well known and is defined as “cascading”.

  • The procedure needed in doing so is as follows:

    1. Obtain from the owner of the original test certificates an agreement to use the test certificate for its own uses.

    2. That the factory of the manufacturer “by delegation” be recognized as a manufacturing site by the notified body, which means:

      1. That the factory is recognized by the notified body for the manufacture of the product,

      2. That the factory manufacturing quality control system is yearly supervised by the notified body for that type of products,

      3. That the certificate issued by the notified body and presented by the manufacturer indicates the factory of the manufacturer and not the factory of the manufacturer which granted the cascading.

    3. That the product has been checked “complete” by the manufacturer before the factory and delivered as one package on the building site.

      1. The product shall not be delivered to the building site from various places (frame, infill, motors, …),

      2. The product marking shall not be done on building site by the installer.
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